Innovative Medical Research has been conducting clinical trials since 1997 and was incorporated in 1999. IMR has treated hundreds of patients and completed over 200 trials, participating in Phases I, II, III, and IV clinical trials. IMR is a fully-staffed clinical trial site consisting of study coordinators, a full-time Regulatory Director, a Principle Investigator and Sub-Investigators.

IMR began as an Oncology/Hematology clinical trial center. IMR?s success in the treatment and administration of these studies lead them to expand further, not only in the number of conditions for which they conducted trials, but also to become a Multi-Specialty clinical trials center and Medical Device trial center.

About Dr. Marc Saltzman

Medical Director/President Dr. Marc A. Saltzman M.D. oversees all aspects of IMR and has been participating in clinical trials for more than 22 years as either Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator. Since 1998 until present he has served as Medical Director and Principal Investigator of Innovative Medical Research of South Florida.

Dr. Saltzman graduated University of Pittsburgh in 1971. He completed Residency, Fellowship Externship and Post Residency programs from The University of Miami.