Where do I Get Information on the Clinical Trials?

Our company Innovative Medical Research of South Florida’s website will give you information about all the studies we are conducting. Also listed our phone numbers, study coordinator’s email address and our location. You are welcomed to call us or email any questions.

What Role does my Primary Physician Play in a Clinical Trial?

Your Primary Care Physician will provide us with your medical history in order for the study coordinator to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for the trial. We will follow up with your primary keeping abreast of your progress.

What is the Duration of a Clinical Trial?

Clinical Trials may operate for as little 3-4 months up to a number of years. Your involvement in trial is based on the sponsors recommendation. The patient always has the right to remove themselves at any point in the trial.

What are the Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial?

Potential benefits may include access to treatment that is not available yet.
Close Monitoring, advice, care and support by the Clinical Trial Physicians as well as other health care professional who understand your disease or condition.
The opportunity to play an active role in your own health care and gain greater knowledge of your condition.
The chance to help others by contributing to medical research.

Is there any Cost to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are all sponsored either by the Government or a Pharmaceutical Company or device company. All costs are picked up by them. The patient has no cost and often there a stipend associated with the clinical trial.

Is my Participation in a Clinical Trial Confidential?

The answer is YES. As any patient who signs an informed consent will be covered by HIPAA. HIPAA protects your confidentiality. We do not release any information other than to sponsor of the trial.

How do I qualify for a Clinical Trial?

All Clinical Trials have specific requirements for who can or cannot participate. Participate must meet contain standard called “Inclusion Criteria” Also, there are factors that can exclude a participant called “Exclusion Criteria”. This criteria is often related age, gender, type and stage of disease, previous or content medications, existing medical conditions and recent participation in a clinical trial.

Do I Need a Person To Accompany me to a Clinical Trial?

The vast majority of trials do not require accompaniment. An example of a trial that might be an exception would be an Alzheimer’s Study.

Are there any Risks to Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical Trials do came some risks. The risks and benefits of any of your clinical trials will be discussed with the patient.
The patient encourage to ask questions and hopefully the patient will see that the benefits for outweigh the risks.